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East End Stems Farm

Southold, NY

"CSA" Community Supported Agriculture

“CSA” stands for Community Supported Agriculture.   Our Flower CSA works the same way as the popular vegetable CSA’s.  A member basically joins (buys a share) in the winter/early spring before the growing season starts.   Farmers have to buy seeds, supplies, and utilities in the off season - when we’re not selling any product!  Pre-selling our flowers to you gives us financial support when we need it.   Your support helps our farm get a jump start on the upcoming growing season.   In return for your support you will receive a premium seasonal bouquet each week, at a price far better than retail. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Included? 

Each share will receive a weekly premium seasonal hand-tied bouquet wrapped in brown paper for travel convivence or gifting.   Each bouquet will be filled with the very best that is growing on the farm that week and will be delivered to a convenient pickup site of your choosing. 


How long will my flowers last?

Our flowers are usually harvested the day before your pick-up and are so fresh and long-lasting.  We find our members are able to replace each bouquet with the next share so you have endless blooms during your membership!   BUT, you must take good care of your blooms by keeping them away from heat and direct sun, changing the water often, and occasionally recutting stems with sharp scissors (especially when they first come home!).



What if I go on vacation or otherwise can’t pick-up my share?

If no one picks up your share it will be donated, there will not be a refund or replacement. 

One option is to ask a family member, friend, co-worker or neighbor to pick-up and enjoy the bouquet.


Also, if you know you are going to be away, just let us know.  If you contact us at least 3 days prior to your pick-up date, we can arrange one of the following:  1) extend your membership an additional week; or 2) double up bouquets for different week during your membership, they make beautiful gifts.


What if I forget to pick up my bouquet?

No need to worry, we will send out an email reminder when your bouquet is ready?



What if I am a business?

The Flower CSA share is great for a local business looking to easily add color and a fresh touch to your sales or reception area. Great for doctor's office, hostess station, or guest check in desks.




Terms and Conditions


 I understand that once I sign up and pay for my membership in full, I have secured my place in the CSA for the respective season. 


There are no refunds, either full or partial, for cancellation of CSA’s once purchased. Members may choose to find an alternate person to buy out the rest of the season’s share, and the share ownership can be transferred to that person. The alternate person will pay the original shareholder directly. If this were to occur, we ask the you inform us.



Picking up my share

Pick up times are set. I agree to not sign up for the CSA knowing that I cannot regularly make it to pick up on the designated day & time.   


Please do not arrive early or late to the pick-up locations expecting bouquets to be available. The pick-up locations are also a place of business, and that would be extremely disruptive or distracting to the staff in the course of their normal duties.


We do not provide containers such as vases or buckets.  You will be responsible for bringing a container to transport bouquets from the pick-up locations. All buckets and bins are to be left at the CSA pick up location.



Sharing the Risk

 Keep in mind that as a member, you share in both the rewards and the risks of farming and are an essential part of the success of the farm.  Understand that the risks include poor harvests due to unfavorable weather or pests, or the total loss of all crops due to a natural disaster such as fire, flood, or drought.   


Can I come to tour the farm and pick my own flowers?

Unfortunately, because of our insurance coverage, we are unable to host visitors to our farm.